Balkans: Romania

In 2007 ERKA established its Branch Office in Europe in Romania due to this country's logistics and also since it is the first country in Balkans where the US Army established itself a deployment base.  .   ERKA Romania team has accomplished 12 projects around Costanzia.  The type of projects that the ERKA Romania Branch focused on was by and large construction, operation and maintenance, and procurement. These were:  


1)Construction Materials For Pantelimon Kindergarten Renovation 

2) Warehouse Shelving For Pfos & Bta Romania

3) Concrete Target Pits 

4)PVC Doors & Windows of Navodari Kindergarden                                             

5)Construction Materials For Navodari Elementary School                              

Operation and Maintenance

1)) Snow & Ice Removal in Mk Airbase 

2) PBO Clerk Services 

3) HVAC Services

4)Gym Building Repair Of HVAC & Heating Plans                                                 

5)Certification Of Gym Building Heating Plans 

6) Roads & Ground  Security On Bta     


1)Mounting Of Propane Tanks And Providing Propane Gas  as a BPA contract          

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Head Office

Cemalpasa Mah. Toros Cad. 63007 Sk. No:15 Adana / TURKEY

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Bd.Mamaia,Nr:79,Bl. LS3,Et:7 Constanta / ROMANIA

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Bibi Titi Street, Sido House A20
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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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